Club Safeguarding

The Club Safeguarding Officer plays an important role in the welfare of a club and its members. They have a role in ensuring that the appropriate people are risk assessed and given clearance by England Netball; help develop a safe and inclusive environment for all people at the club; give advice and listen to concerns about safeguarding and well-being issues and are a link in the reporting process which helps protect the welfare of the netball community.

It is a membership requirement for all clubs to have a Club Safeguarding Officer and provide details of this person on affiliation. 

England Netball has developed policies, procedures and resources which have been developed to help Club Safeuarding Officers safeguard young people in netball.  We will be developing our policy for safeguarding adults at risk and as the resources are developed the training needs will be identified and communicated. As resources for safeguarding adults at risk are developed, the training needs for those with responsibility under the policy, will be considered and communicated.

The role of Club Safeguarding Officers can be a challenging one and England Netball greatly appreciates the work carried out by these people. We consider it a priority that the people fulfilling these roles are trained and supported in their work and have developed the training requirements to meet the needs of the role. The training requirements for Club Safeguarding Officers in over-18 only clubs only require that they complete the online safeguarding course available here.

We hope you find the guidance and resources provided here helpful. Being a visible and friendly face around the club, having regular chats with the young people and asking how they are if you notice any changes, or behaviours which cause you concern, will help you make your role most effective.

If there is any further advice you need you can contact us on 01462 428319 or

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