Into Officiating Replaces Youth Umpire Award and Beginner

Into Officiating has now officially been launched this replaces the previous Beginner Award and as of September schools will no-longer be able to offer Youth Umpire Award.

Purpose: To give potential umpires a sound base of knowledge, develop skills and qualities of a Netball Official

Who is it for? Into Officiating is open to all that are starting out on their umpiring journey from 13 years upwards

Who can tutor it? England Netball Officiating Workforce and *accredited and approved school teachers that have attended either YUA orientation course or the new Into Officiating orientation

Assessments: Into officiating has two components to the award written and practical assessment

Duration: 6 hours

Cost: £14.95 per learner pack and £15 for practical assessment payable to county assessment is taken

Learner Resources: Learner course resource book; learner work book; appendices; whistle; score pad and certificate of attendance

Tutor Resources: Power-point presentation; tutor notes; session activity cards; and sample papers (with answers)

Assessment materials: 10 exam papers (available from County Umpiring Secretaries); assessment criteria and competency sheet

How does Into Officiating work in schools? All officiating courses are to be registered with head office a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the start date of the course. Course format can be adapted to suit the learning environment and time available e.g. 3x2 hours sessions but the course must cover 6 hours. Once the course has been delivered all learners will take a written assessment – paper version only (online assessment option in development). Then for those learners that are wanting to officiate outside the school environment practical assessments to be arranged in conjunction with the county umpiring secretary.

 *Accredited teacher must hold QTLS and have attended Into (or previous YUA) orientation Workshop

For any more information on Into Officiating Award contact Gill Henderson at