Officiating Contacts

The England Netball Officiating Team

Don Blacklock - Officiating Manager

Don is responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of the Officiating Programme.  Don has over 25 years of officiating experience in the sport of lacrosse and has managed officiating programmes at the local, national and international levels.

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Sheelagh Redpath - Officiating Projects Officer

Oversees the deployment of officials to all agreed England Netball competition, including National Squads requirements together with appointing Match Bench officials to International series. Provides support to the Officiating Manager in regards to officiating projects, product development or programme delivery and attends meetings as and when appropriate.

 Is a current Honorary Life Member and one of the first group to be inducted to the Hall of Fame and is an ex-international umpire and INF Umpire Appointments member

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Gill Henderson - Officiating Officer

Gill is Officiating's resource development and project officer providing guidance and the management of the Rules, Officiating Awards and the Officiating Data System.  Gill organises any officiating events for example Make the Game Live and Officiating Performance Weekend.