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Sasha Corbin

England Netball’s youth hub for netball fans across the country. I’m Sasha, and when I’m not training with the England squad or playing for Superleague I love checking out NetGen for the latest netball news, the best of social media, great games, downloadable treats and loads of other goodies.

When you’re done having fun why not check out the ‘Get Involved’ section – this has loads of great information on how young people can get involved with England Netball. Whether you want to volunteer or start learning how to become an umpire or a coach, we can tell you how to do it.

We all love playing netball, hanging out with our teammates and working together to improve our game – NetGen is the perfect way to connect to the wider netballing world and share your passion. If you want to share your netball love then use the hashtag #netgen in your Tweets and Instagram posts and we’ll try and feature it on the site!


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Sasha Corbin

Video of the Month

Mrs Crimble's and The Great Netball Bake Off

We gave England Netball stars Sasha and Kadeen Corbin a master class in baking before letting them loose on our Muffin and Sponge Mix to show off their culinary skills! Do you agree with our choice of champion?